2008-12-01 08:00Pressmeddelande

Welcome to SwedenBIO CEO Summit Dec 4th!


Last call to listen to Göran Hägglund, Minister for Health and Social Affairs, and Jan Lundberg, Global Head of Discovery, Astra Zeneca, among others! 

Today over 180 top executives and decision makers have signed up for this highly interesting meeting. You are most welcome to participate, listen and mingle with all these interesting profiles from our industry! 

Sweden is a world leader in Life Science innovation. Can the healthcare system be a catalyst to improve the competitiveness of Sweden when it comes to biotech, pharmaceuticals and medtech? Welcome to SwedenBIO CEO Summit 2008 where you meet the Swedish Life Science Sector. Attached PDF document contains the entire program.

Om SwedenBIO

Working for a successful life science industry The Life Science Industry has improved the lives of millions of people, has created enormous values and is one of the most beneficial industries to our society. SwedenBIO is one of Europe´s largest industry organisations representing more than 180 exciting member companies in Sweden. SwedenBIO is the industry´s only national organisation with a mission to promote an environment bringing success and growth to the entire Swedish Life Science Industry. Join and follow us: Twitter Linked In Youtube