2012-10-08 09:00Pressmeddelande

SwedenBIO initiative: Sweden Life Science Investment Year 2013—a joint venture


Seventeen Swedish life science organizations have joined forces to market Sweden Life Science Investment Year 2013. A year of exposure for partners and partnerships in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical technology.

Through Sweden Life Science Investment Year 2013, these organizations aim to link the industry’s resources to a strong Life Science Sweden, with collaboration between academia, industry and healthcare, coupled to good investment opportunities.

Sweden Life Science Investment Year 2013 features a large number of major events throughout Sweden and the Nordic countries, the highlight being BioPartnering Future Europe, when 2000–3000 international investors and partners are expected to visit Stockholm.

To date, the following meetings are scheduled:

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Biotech Umeå, Det Medicinska Malmö, Flemingsberg Science, GöteborgBIO, HealthCap, Innovativa Mindre Life Science Bolag (IML), Invest Sweden, Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (LIF), Medicon Valley Alliance, Stockholm Business Region, Stockholm Science City Foundation, Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science, SwedenBIO, Swedish American Life Science Summit, Swedish Medtech, SwedNanoTech and UppsalaBIO

SwedenBIO helps innovative companies succeed! SwedenBIO is the national organization working for the benefit of the entire life science sector in Sweden - a member driven, private non-profit organization. The main objective is to improve and maintain industry conditions which will support prosperous growth and business development among our, today, close to 200 member companies. Our members are active in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech and diagnostics. Our mission is to create visibility and interest for the Swedish life science and thereby support a successful life science industry. A successful industry can heal and help those patients still suffering from unmet medical needs. A successful industry creates jobs and welfare and creates opportunities for a healthier and brighter future. We’ve been successfully doing this for 10 years.

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Working for a successful life science industry The Life Science Industry has improved the lives of millions of people, has created enormous values and is one of the most beneficial industries to our society. SwedenBIO is one of Europe´s largest industry organisations representing more than 180 exciting member companies in Sweden. SwedenBIO is the industry´s only national organisation with a mission to promote an environment bringing success and growth to the entire Swedish Life Science Industry. Join and follow us: Twitter Linked In Youtube