2020-12-07 07:35Pressmeddelande

SwedenBIO and Swedish American Chamber of Commerce San Diego to become formal partners through a MoU

Helena Strigård, CEO of SwedenBIO and Ted Stübner, President, SACC San Diego Helena Strigård, CEO of SwedenBIO and Ted Stübner, President, SACC San Diego

As a part of the new set of collaborations between Swedish and Californian life science industries, The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) in San Diego and SwedenBIO enters into a memorandum of understanding (MoU), which will enable both organizations to strengthen their support to life science companies. 

With California and Sweden excelling in the same fields within life sciences, notably immuno-oncology, rare diseases and cell and gene therapy, many fruitful business-to-business relationships have a potential to come out of the partnership, according to The Chamber´s president Ted Stübner and Helena Strigård, CEO SwedenBIO. 

The MoU has a clear focus on the member company benefits that this US-Swedish collaboration platform will provide, giving both SACC and SwedenBIO members a possibility to tap into the strengths and hands on tools of the respective organizations. 

– For instance, the SACC San Diego members will enjoy the same member benefits in terms of courses and partnering meetings organized by SwedenBIO as its own members, and vice versa, says Frida Eriksson, newly appointed community manager at SwedenBIO. 

On the chamber´s side, Ted Stübner envisages that their in depth knowledge of how to access the US market is in the interest for SwedenBIO’s members as they are increasingly maturing into selling companies. 

– At The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Diego, we provide strategic advice to our members and their respective organizations. The advice can be related to regulations, the financial landscape as well as informing about the intentions and decisions of policy makers. We look forward to welcoming SwedenBIO members to utilize the benefits of our knowledge in this as well as our extensive network in southern California and can connect you with the right people or companies.

The SACC San Diego is in turn connected through a partnership called “Life Science Bridge” to SACC New England and SACC San Francisco, obviously highly attractive life science hot spots as well. 

– We will continue our outreach to key actors in the US as well as to other important markets to our members, such as South Korea, Japan and Northern Europe, says Helena Strigård. It´s a journey which has just begun. 

Om SwedenBIO

SwedenBIO is the national non-profit association for the life science industry in Sweden, with almost 300 members. Sweden has an innovative life science industry, strong academia and world leading infrastructure for research.