2009-09-01 09:00Pressmeddelande

New Organisation at SwedenBIO

Per Lindquist, PhD, joins SwedenBIO as new Project Manager of SME Life Science EU Support Office

Per Lindquist, MSc, PhD is new Project Manager for the SME Life Science EU Support Office starting August. He succeeds Audrey Niemann-Jönsson.
The SME Life Science EU Support Office supports and aids small and medium sized Life Science companies in successful applying for EU-funding at no-cost.
The SME Life Science EU Support Office is financed by the governmental agency VINNOVA and is a joint venture betweenVINNOVA and SwedenBIO.

Before joining SwedenBIO, Dr Lindquist was employed as Research Scientist and Project Manager at Neuronova AB in Stockholm. Additionally, he has held a position as Research Scientist at AstraZeneca R&D.
Per Lindquist defended his thesison lipid metabolism in 2004 at theDepartment of Laboratory Medicine at Karolinska Institutet.

Maria Kaaman, PhD, Project Manager of PR & Communications

Starting August, Maria Kaaman, PhD, will be responsible for all the SwedenBIO PR & Communications.
As Project Manager she will also be working closely with the Communications Working Group. Since 2009 she has also been supporting the Head of Communications, Anna Karin Källén, MBA
Maria started as Project Manager at SwedenBIO in May 2008 and previously assisted the SME Life Science EU Support Office and the PR Support office. Maria defended her thesis in 2007 at the Department of Medicine, Lipid laboratory, Karolinska Institutet.

Anna Karin Källén concludes Special Communication Project

Anna Karin Källén came to SwedenBIO in 2008, from a position as Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications at Biovitrum, to head a special communication project for a maximum of two years. SwedenBIO would like to thank Biovitrum for the generous support of this very successful project which has been very valuable for the entire Life Science industry, SwedenBIO and its members. Anna Karin now, after completion, leaves the position as Head of Communications at SwedenBIO and will continue as independent advisor and consultant under her own management. Anna Karin will remain as Senior Advisor to SwedenBIO as well as continue to head the PR Support Office until the end of 2009. The PR Support Office supports and advice SwedenBIO members at no-cost in IR, PR and Communications matters.

For more information please contact:
Mats Berggren, CEO
08-21 36 01, mats.berggren@swedenbio.com

Maria Kaaman, Project Manager
PR &Communications
08- 21 31 32, 0730489034, maria.kaaman@swedenbio.com

Om SwedenBIO

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